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  1. Kirk Remembers: First Memories of John Askew Paint Store

    Note: The original name of our family business was John Askew Paint Store, founded Kirk's grandfather John Askew. This interview is a bit older and was recorded while our business was still located at 110 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC. Here, Kirk recalls his first memories of our that building.   My first memories of the store are from...
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  2. Kirk Remembers: The 1948 Addition to Our Building at 110 Glenwood Avenue

    I think it was in 1948 that the first addition to the original house was added. That addition included only what is now the front room, and extended to what is now the back wall of the room that has most of the artist colors in it now. [For those not familiar with our building layout, this is the long...
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