Kirk Remembers,  Product History

Kirk Remembers: The Cutaway Brush Sample that Always Sat in the Office

This is a cutaway sample brush made to show the construction of Hanlon Goodman Brushes. Although the Benjamin Moore Co. and the Hanlon Goodman Brush Co. were not related in any way, most Benjamin Moore dealers carried the Hanlon Goodman line of brushes into the 1960’s. We bought both products from Harwood Brothers in Richmond, Virginia.

Mr. Maston was head of the paint division at Harwood Brothers. My grandfather Askew had given him a job, I think in the 1920’s, so that Mr. Maston could earn enough money to go on a honeymoon when he got married. They had kept in touch over the years and when my grandfather wanted to put in the Benjamin Moore Paint line in 1946 he called Mr. Maston.

Harry Frazier was the salesman that called on us for the paint and brushes. One day my father was talking to Harry; my father said that he was checking out places to buy cases of motor oil because he changed his own oil in the vehicles. Harry said, “Why don’t you buy cases from us?” An interesting fact is that Harwood Brothers was primarily a distributor of motor oils. Dad and I hadn’t known that. They distributed Bardahl and Valvoline.

Brush Custaway Pic 2
Sample Brush, Cutaway to Show Construction